1. Being wallpaper wise …

    I hear this question from clients all the time: “Is wallpaper back in style?”  People who say they don’t like wallpapers are usually the ones who have never tried it, or they have seen a house where every room is plastered in cabbage roses.  (No offense to those of you with cabbage roses ……Read More

  2. Creating a Comfy Bedroom Space

    I have a father who thinks he is a comedian.  For years he has said, “I’m so good at sleeping I can do it with my eyes closed.”  Whoever is around usually laughs even if they have heard it a thousand times because that’s just the way Pops is .. comfortable in his own skin with malice towar…Read More

  3. Why Did You Name Your Store Curate?

        “Why did you name your store Curate?” my grandmother asked me. I was a little startled because she’s the one who won the Iowa state spelling bee in 1937 .. I guess I assume that if you know how to spell something, you also know the definition of the word you are spelling. She’s really …Read More